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I tried to make this recipe, but was unable to find a 100 lb shrimp. That's probably because it would not be called a "shrimp" if it were that big!

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can o' beans April 19, 2009

Bizarre -- goes against all shrimp cooking wisdom. Works as advertised -- thanks! Notes: 1) Frozen shrimp work fine; they sink when they're thawed. 2) The "heads" of the shrimp pop to the surface when done -- that's what "float" means. They are flush w/ the surface. 3) Don't worry that the Old Bay forms a cloud -- you can still see the floating heads when done. 4) I tasted the first floater -- perfect.

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TheReluctantChef July 24, 2009

I'm making a salad that just calls for cooked shrimp. It doesn't call for Old Bay Shrimp or seasoned shrimp. This worked perfectly for me, following the directions. I did add a tablespoon of kosher salt, whenever I cook something that comes out of the ocean, I always add salt. This is the perfect recipe for serving any type of shrimp that isn't peel and eat, or when needed as additions to recipes.

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DebinNC June 24, 2012

Now I know why this recipe is so highly rated. Both me and my wife have cooked shrimp our whole life the old way, just bring your water to a boil and drop'em in until done. Needless to say it was a hit or miss cooking method but that's how we were taught. Until now that is. I tried this recipe last night with some wild caught from Seadrift Texas and I,mere to tell you, they were cooked to perfection. I do believe these shrimp were probably the best I,ve ever eaten. Each and every one were perfectly cooked. We ate until we couldn't hold anymore. If you were clos by I would give you a big Texas hug! Again, a fantastic recipe!

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RNTHOM54 September 25, 2011

Wow what a great technique! I've boiled shrimp / prawns many times and my results have been as good as any restaurant or takeaway so I never thought I had anything to learn until I tried this. The constant stirring and vinegar really does make a great difference in addition to the ice bath which I'd tried before. Previously I'd only judged cooking by color but waiting for one or two to float to the top works wonderfully as long as you keep stirring around the outside to make sure it's not just the utensil pushing them up.

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Peter J August 14, 2009

Well, I followed the directions and placed my thawed, peeled cleaned raw shrimp into a big pot of boiling water with old bay and vinegar. I stirred but they never seemed to float, so around 9 min i pulled one and checked it, needed a little more time gave it another 2 min. still no floaters. I bailed I didn't want to overcook 2 lb of big shrimp. Did I pull out too soon? Does this only work for shrimp that still have shells on?

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jdfern December 24, 2014

This is the BEST recipe!!!! Love it and have shared it many times.

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lilli g. June 20, 2015

I live in St. Marks, Fl. and have cooked shrimp 30 different ways, the boiled shrimp into a ice bath is an awesome recipe. I boiled them in the shell and add along with the Ole bay, some Garlic powder and Cavender's Greek seasoning (Salt Free version), keeps the shrimp from getting tough. If you have never tried this greek seasoning, please do, you may very well end up using it on everything. I use it on steaks, chicken, fish, shrimp, lamp, pork, etc. But the ice bath boiled shrimp recipe is the best. Thanks.

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fishintheflats May 09, 2015

This turned out fantastic!! I live in Georgia and get fresh shrimp, have cooked shrimp for 45 years??I'll use this from now on! I did have my water at a boil when I put mine in. Stirred and when a few floated, I took them out and put them in a bowl of ice water, shook them to cool them down, added more old bay and shook again. I think the comments of those that were not successful was because they failed to have the 2 inches of water above the shrimp. They can't float if you don't have the water level as stated. Thanks, love it.

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dottie bowers July 12, 2014

This is the absolutely best way to boil shrimp, EVER!!!!! You'll never cook them any other way, and you'll certainly never buy pre-cooked cocktail shrimp ever again...... We could eat these every day!!!!! My favorite cocktail sauce..... Ketchup, horseradish, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and fresh parsley to taste and a squeeze of lemon juice is nice! Love this with peel and eat shrimp the best, it retains so much flavor and is very tender!!

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Mrs. Stimpfle June 02, 2014
Perfect Boiled Shrimp