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Fabulous! I love how easy the crust is, and the filling is Blueberry Heaven. After seeing Jelly's photos and reading the reviews, I just knew I had to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. I made it in a deep dish pie plate, and after removing 1/3 cup for the topping, I found the crust was still quite thick. Next time I'll set aside 2/3 cup for the topping and see how that works. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. UPDATE: July 23/10 - I've made this several times now. I did reserve 2/3 cup for the topping, and that worked very well for me. I am also using the crust recipe for my apple pies. So easy, so good. I'm also going to try to bake it blind, so see how it works with lemon meringue. No more 'rolled' pie crusts for me. Thanks Lizzymommy. You've changed my pie making proceedures for good. :)

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Diana #2 July 23, 2010

Very easy and delicious recipe! I had to make another half recipe for the crust and topping as I have very large shallow and old handed down glass pie dishes. Ended up baking it an extra 35 minutes to brown the top and raised the temp to 375 degrees. I saved the extra crust recipe for the topping. Very beautiful looking blueberry pie! Thank you so very much! I made this for the Undercover Pie Photo Event 2010

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HotPepperRosemaryJelly July 01, 2010

This is an excellent press-in-pan pastry. I removed 1/3 of the topping crumbs before pressing the rest into the pan by using a piece of plastic wrap on top. I cut the bottom out of a foil pie plate to cover the edges to prevent the edges from burning. Thanks for posting a great recipe.

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foodtvfan May 08, 2006

Good Blueberry Pie - Before making this recipe I looked at the pictures posted, and the slice of pie was juicy. I added an additional tablespoon of cornstarch in hopes of avoiding too much juice in my pie. I baked it for an additional 15-20 minutes, and then cooled my pie an hour or so before slicing, it was still runny, but oh so good! The pie did thicken up more after sitting overnight, next time I'll try to bake this a day ahead of time. The hint of cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg and fresh lemon juice adds so much to the flavor of the blueberries. My pie was more like a cobbler instead of a pie, but still very good.

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Ms. B July 29, 2013
Perfect Blueberry Pie