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You could really taste the butter in these little biscuits. We had them with grilled steaks and garden salad, which turned out to be a great combination. I loved the sage flavor. I was a little cautious with the cayenne pepper and just added a little to ours, but I would add the whole 1/4 tsp next time.

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Kim127 September 04, 2007

Marvelous. I came here to add this recipe from Whole Foods but found it already here, but with the addition of the cayenne. Yum! I decided to only use the cayenne and leave out the black pepper and they taste perfect. I also use 1/2 TB dried crumbled sage leaves (NOT powdered) instead of the fresh and it worked fine. Thanks, Susie!

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appleydapply November 17, 2007

*Buttery* *rich* is so right! I love these biscuits. I put in only one shake of cayenne and it was just right for us! When I make these again I will add a pinch of sugar to them. I served sage biscuits with turkey noodle soup. These biscuits would be nice served with a turkey dinner. These savory biscuits are going into my "companys coming" binder. Thanks Susie.

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Calee March 27, 2007
Peppery Sage Biscuits