Peppery Cantaloupe Cubes

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

I love sharing these two ingredient recipes, though this one may sound a little odd. I must admit when I heard a chef on TV say that freshly ground black pepper on sweet cantaloupe is exceptional, I was thinking more like- bizarre! But once you taste this, especially you cantaloupe lovers, you may never eat it any other way.

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  1. Divide cantaloupe cubes into 4 dessert bowls.
  2. Using pepper mill, grind freshly ground black pepper over cantaloupe to taste.
  3. Note; Be sure to use freshly ground black pepper- I'm not sure if regular pepper would have the same effect.
  4. A very ripe cantaloupe, the sweeter the better, works best.
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So delicious I epitomized all over myself.

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I never knew there was another way to eat cantaloupe! We have always done this, kinda like putting salt on watermelon! Thanks for sharing this with all the people who haven't been clued in yet!

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I have also always did the pepper on cantaloupe. Delicious! I sometimes add some chili powder to it to wake it up. YUM!