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What a delightful and great way to use up an abundance of bell peppers! I used minced garlic and dried herbs so that a salad would include them when drizzling it on. I enjoyed an antipasto salad using this oil, some peppers from the jar, and a drizzle of red wine vinegar for lunch today. Great recipe, thanks so much for sharing. This makes a great gift recipe also as I gave a jar to my neighbor.

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2Bleu July 22, 2011

Anyone considering any home canning recipe for foods packed in oil should be aware of the botulism risk. For information on avoiding that risk and still enjoying oil-packed foods made with home equipment, please see this helpful document. http://extension.oregonstate.edu/fch/sites/default/files/documents/sp_50-701_herbs_and_vegetables_in_oil_2011.pdf

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zeldaz51 March 11, 2013

I used all green peppers as that's what the garden yielded this year. A flavorful way to preserve peppers. Can't wait to try it on pizza and in sandwiches. Made for ZWT8 by a fellow Herbaceous Honey.

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Ma Field July 29, 2012
Peppers Packed in Oil