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This turned out excellent. We had it with homemade pizza and everyone said dinner was better than ordering from the pizza parlor. This recipe would be easier if the weights of the meat, cheese and dough were included. I used a 1 lb. pizza dough, about 5 oz. of pepperoni and 8 oz. of cheese, if that helps anyone (also sprinkled some parmesan over all). I didn't use the egg wash, but brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano before baking. After removing from the oven, I laid a towel over it for a few minutes so the crust would soften up a bit. Thanks for sharing.

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Karen=^..^= November 18, 2005

I was interested in making my own Pepperoni Stromboli and was glad to come across this recipe. It made for a wonderful meal paired with a side salad. To reduce the fat I used "reduced fat" pizza dough in the refrigerated section, and turkey pepperoni. I also reduced the baking time and used the time given for the actual pizza dough, which was about 17 minutes. Thanks for the recipe!!!

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goldenbkll March 26, 2011

I altered this recipe a little to make it lower in fat. I used low fat pepperoni, 1 pkg.Weight Watchers 2% shredded cheese trio (mozzarella, provolone, parmesean), and also added 1 pkg of Biboli pizza sauce on top of the cheese, just squeezed out in teaspoons across the top before rolling the dough. Very easy, very quick, and delicious.

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cathy860 December 17, 2010

My husband and I very much enjoyed this recipe. My kids, not so much but they tend to be weird eaters. I cut the pizza dough in half, and made half according to this recipe and I made the other half with wax peppers (the way the local pizza joint makes it) It was very yummy, and I will probably make it again, only letting the children pick their own stuffing ingredients!

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~*~*~*Spookygirl*~*~*~ April 26, 2008

So simple, and a standby for easy dinners with my friend's kids and an appetizer at parties. I sometimes use frozen bread dough, and sometimes use the Pillsbury roll-out pizza crusts. Both work well for this recipe. We always have spaghetti sauce on the side to dip the pizza-like rolls in.

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Ms B. July 31, 2006

YUM!!! When my husband asked if I would make pepperoni bread for supper, I said that the recipes would probably take too long to make. But this one was perfect! I made the dough from a Betty Crocker pizza dough mix. I actually used tomato sauce too on ours. I rolled them up, spread the egg on them, and they baked perfectly! I think I had the oven set for 450, because that's what the pizza dough mix said to do. This is definitely a repeat recipe. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Joellen1972 February 06, 2004
Pepperoni Stromboli (Pepperoni Bread)