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A big 5 stars for this. Whole family loved it, we served it with spaghetti sauce on the side for dipping, excellent. I didn't grease my pan, but next time I will, had some trouble getting it out of pan, but could be because everyone was standing over it, as soon as it came out of the oven, and we just had to eat it right away, didn't even let it cool down!

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Aunt Paula August 31, 2005

I made this for a potluck and work and there was nothing left but crumbs on a plate! I used 4 cans of bread dough from the biscuit section and premade garlic butter. I also buttered the pan with garlic butter and a bit of parmesean and sprinkled each layer with parmesean cheese. It was really good and several people raved about it and wanted the recipe. The only drawback was the time it took to assemble but nowing that ahead of time, wasn't a big deal. Thanks for sharing!

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usafwife0906 December 21, 2010

I agree this is a great tasting recipe, I disagree with the easy making part. This is really time consuming. It probably took us more like 30 minutes to assemble this. BUT well worth the time to make! We used pre-sliced pepperoni and dipped each assembled piece into garlic butter and sprinkled lots of parmesan cheese over the whole thing. Yummy! thank you for sharing!

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MommaEllen May 02, 2008

I admit that at times I struggle reviewing recipes. For the most part people seem to overrate things. You just don't see hardly anything less than 4 stars (then again, I guess it wouldn't get posted if it sucked :) ). Well, if I could give this one 6 stars, I would. It is that good! We served this at our Super Bowl party this year. It was seriously gone in less than 5 minutes. It was absolutely fantastic! My wife wanted to try making it (a scary proposition), but I admit that I am inexperienced with bread. I have never worked with frozen loaves. Either way I helped, and although we ruined our first loaves by letting them thaw too long, the last loaf we had was perfect. She didn't use enough pepperoni (being too careful she didn't run out, and then only ended up using half of the specified amount) It is just so good that you can't mess it up. This is definitely a new addition to our all-star lineup during Super Bowl ( and more).

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Fyrestorm March 23, 2008

We made this as a snack for our family get-together...everyone loved it served with warmed pizza sauce for dipping! We also sprinkled garlic powder and parmesan cheese over the pieces before baking. Very good! UPDATE: We used this same recipe again but, substituted ham & cheddar cheese for the fillings and then served with mustard for dipping. A great alternative to the original recipe if you want to switch it up!

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princesskim August 08, 2007

OMG we loved, loved, LOVED this! It's a little bit of work to make, but totally worth the effort. It popped right out of my bundt pan without a problem and stayed all molded together. I told my kids it was a pepperoni cake!

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Sherri35 October 07, 2005

I don't have a bundt pan, so I made this with one loaf of refrigerated french bread dough and a loaf pan, and sprinkled garlic powder on top, like Rushed4Time suggested. Delicious, and fun to make - my kids helped assemble the dough balls! Will definitely make again - thanks.

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jaynine January 17, 2005

I made this for a tailgate party and made a few minor adjustments (cheese and pep needed a bit of spicing up to me). Took a tip from the Pioneer Woman's Calzone recipe and used frozen dinner roll dough, thawed in fridge overnight. Then made a batch of filling - 3 cheeses (shredded moz, parm and string sliced finely), 1 egg, garlic clove minced, salt,pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic salt, 1/4 c ricotta cheese, and just enough marinara sauce to moisten. Chopped 3/4 pkg of sliced pepperoni in cuisinart, mixed all together in bowl. Then rolled out ea thawed dough piece, filled with meat/cheese/sauce mixture, sealed edges, rolled in garlic butter and proceeded to build in bundt following rest of recipe. Topped with a bit of parm cheese, baked and it was a huge hit and much easier going. Could use less butter overall but men loved it! Easy to eat and no dipping sauce needed. Thanks!!!

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KimKymKimm September 28, 2013

This was mediocre at best. Butter made it greasy. Too much bread and too little fillings. I'm sure I could play around with the ratios and make it better but why bother. Too much trouble with not enough pay off at the end.

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anicolepotter January 01, 2012

While this was pretty good, it took an eternity to assemble all 120 balls of dough, meat, and cheese. The description says this is easy, and I suppose the steps involved are simple, but the process is very time consuming. For the time invested, I could have made (and EATEN!) two pepperoni pizzas. It tasted fine, but I will never make it again. Good, but not worth the trouble.

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Heaven's Kitchen May 11, 2009
Pepperoni and Mozzarella Monkey Bread