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These turned out great. I used peppermint oil (3/4 teaspoon) instead of the extract. I also did not let dry before dipping. They were fine.

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lucy4174 December 21, 2008

Very good. We made them as others had suggested by making a ball and pressing with the bottom of a glass. Took some time but are really worth it for a special treat. Thanks!

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padreaming March 17, 2009

When I read the suggestion to use a bottle cap I thought, "Wow, that's too small." I was wrong about that one. I made these closer to York pattie size and they were way too large. Some of them stuck together and the chocolate coating chipped off. On top of that, the peppermint was very strong and it overwhelmed the chocolate. To compensate, I quartered them, redipped them, and pretended I'd done it on purpose. I would definitely recommend going small on these... bottle cap-sized sounds just about right! I don't have a double boiler; I just used two saucepans of the same size and boiled water in the bottom one while nesting the second pan in it. It worked great.

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Renegade Chef December 23, 2007

These are fantastic!! Tedious, but so, so, delicious! I ran out of chocolate half way through, not sure why. Anyway, I froze the remaining disks and will dip them later. I used the plastic lid from my sparkling water bottle, tried using 1 T of shortening in the melted chocolate, thought it was too thick added more shortening and didn't care for the texture as much. It was good, but it changed the flavor of the chocolate. I think next time I'll use one of the Big Bars from Trader Joe's and I'll make these over two days. This was not the recipe to make after a long day of running around. I let these dry for 5 hour and they held up well, some of the disks did get a little soft while dipping. I think freezing them and pulling them out to dip in batches is a great idea. These are well worth the effort. Thanks so much for sharing the keeper recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview April 29, 2014

I've made these for the past 5 or 6 years. I looked this up to get the recipe because I can't find the book i had written it in. the first couple years I made them, I dried them out & they were good. though they dried out & got stale after being frozen for a few months. the last couple years I became impatient because I make 5 or so batches & it was taking way too long to get them all made. So now I cut out a tray worth at a time & dip them immediately so that i can reuse that tray by time I'm done with the next tray. When not dried, i find they freeze well in a bucket or ziplock bag for up to about 5 months. Also, for those who are looking for info on how much this makes, it makes about 6-7 lbs depending on how thick your chocolate coating is.

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wicked_faery December 01, 2013

These were as good or better then the store bought ones. I will never buy them again! I rolled all the "dough" out and cut it into 4 sections with my pizza cutter. 1/2 I dipped without drying & the other half I bagged up for another time. This recipe makes a lot. I had no problem dipping them without drying but I did not let my chocolate get hot enough to melt them either. I plan to roll the rest of the dough into balls and freeze them. Figure it will be easy to just stick a toothpick in and dip them. Thanks for this amazing recipe! So simple, so good. :)

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Dee60 March 08, 2012

These were wonderful. This was simple to make. The dipping took a while, but that is common with these types of "candies". The labor is well worth it with these. It was helpful that I had a handy, dandy little tool I found at a kitchen store for only $2.49! I believe it is a candy dipping fork? Not sure. I saw it at the store, knew I was making these, and figured it would work great. It is a little 2 pronged fork. If you see one in a store, do yourself a favor and pick one up.

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Becky in Wisconsin December 11, 2011

Everyone loved these. We froze them before dipping and had very little trouble. Instead of a fork we used two bamboo skewers chopstick style which made it easier to slide them off after dipping and flipping. We skipped the shortening but did end up with some bloom on the chocolate after they cooled (white streaks). Does anyone know if the shortening would have prevented that or was it just a matter of chocolate temperature?

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matt_maples December 17, 2010

I agree with Sherri35. These were quite time consuming to make, but came out REALLY nice for my first attempt with anything chocolate. I actually let my peppermint dry overnight and coated them the next day. Worked perfectly. Thanks for posting a keeper!

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Axe February 16, 2010

I just realized that I hadn't reviewed these yet! I made them for Christmas 2008 and they were a huge hit!! They're definitely a bit of work, but not difficult - more time consuming really. I was covered in chocolate by the time I was done dipping them, but I didn't really get the hang of dipping until I was nearly done. Next time I'll be able to do that a lot neater (I hope). No one that I served them to had even heard of homemade peppermint patties! I cut them out with a small oval cookie cutter and they were the perfect 2-bite size. The recipe makes a ton and I froze the leftovers with great results. Thanks for posting :)

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Sherri35 March 20, 2009
Peppermint Patties