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I clipped this recipe from a Land O'Lakes ad. These are very good - buttery and not too minty. I also think they would be good with a chocolate-mint drizzle or with other flavorings, such as lemon. I didn't find them as fragile as others; perhaps because I did make them a little smaller than called for. I agree with the poster that said there was alot of glaze and if you double the recipe you don't need to double the glaze.

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Robs415 January 31, 2010

I'm not leaving a star review because I think that it's just a matter of taste preference. My hubby and I really didn't care for the texture. I think it was the corn starch that made it more "pasty" for us. The frosting is good and the idea is good - maybe next time I'll make it like a wedding cake, only with the mint flavor and no corn starch. Thanks for posting and it looks like everyone else really is enjoying it! Made for I Recommend Tag game.

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Color Guard Mom January 22, 2009

I'm sorry, I made these for a Christmas party bake-off and I won't make them again unless I can find a substitute for the corn starch. The cookies look pretty and had a good amount of peppermint flavor, not too strong or weak, but you could taste the corn starch. My husband and I disliked them, the judge at the bake-off (who is a friend) didn't like them and my friend Lisa straight up said she'd only make them if there was a corn starch substitute. =(

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Dr.JenLeddy December 12, 2012

Well anything with real butter combined with this recipe is heavenly as far as melt in your mouth, no doubt. So delicate are the cookies you do have to be careful in moving them from cookie sheet to rack and rack to frosting/topping, for they crumble so easily. I put too many drops of food coloring in the glaze and ended up with a too pinky topping, and I'm not 100% convinced the peppermint candy doesn't make it too much of a candy over a cookie for me, but I am going back for seconds. Be sure to crush the candy well, as chunks are too overwhelming.

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SiriZ December 02, 2012

These were very good. I guess I was expecting more of a sweeter peppermint cookie, which these definitely were minty, but not as sweet as I had expected. I doubled the cookie and glaze recipes and ended up with WAAAY too much glaze. If you're doubling, I would suggest only doubling the cookies, not the glaze.

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redhairangel December 21, 2008

These are amazing!!! The best cookie I have made for the holidays hands down! I gave them as gifts and everyone asked for more. Super easy to make and will make them year round!

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leannelee2 December 20, 2008

Great cookie! Just what I needed to make as a treat for a child who can't eat chocolate, but loves sweets. This was perfect - tender, and they do just melt in your mouth.

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RuthlessWr February 13, 2006

Marg, these are so yummy! I doubled the recipe thinking to give some as presents...well, there's not enough left to give away now! I added a few drops of red food coloring to the cookie dough too and I have the prettiest little pink cookie you ever saw! They just melt in your mouth and the peppermint flavor is so refreshing and not overpowering at all. Mmmm, these will be a regular part of my Christmas baking from now on, and probably throughout the year! Thank Marg for a great recipe!

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Kater December 20, 2005

Oh Marg I knew I would be in trouble when I saw the sprinkles. I lovee sprinkles. I was amazed how these cookies melted in our mouths. Our 13 year old came down and had one in his mouth and I said how are they? He said as he had his mouth full, Mom these are good,hehe I can't wait for the holiday's to make them both ways but I can see I will have to double the recipe for sprinkles and peppermint candies. These are great, thanks for another keeper and one that will be given to everyone this holiday season.. :)

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faith58 November 06, 2005

My husband snatched one of the unfrosted cookies from the cooling rack and said, "Wow!" When I offered him one after I had frosted and added the crushed candy canes, he said, "This is even better!" What more do I need to say? LOL I made my cookies a bit smaller for my Christmas cookie trays. Due to the make-up of these cookies, this made them a little fragile. The awesome melt-in-your-mouth flavor made up for it, though. Thanks for posting.

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Ms B. December 20, 2004
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