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1/15/08: These cookies came out really good, but I deviated so much from the recipe that I can only give it 4 stars. First, I added some extra flour to the dough because the consistency was too mushy and wet. Then I added a whole bunch of extra peppermint extract to make the mint flavor come through. When that didn't do enough, I crushed a bunch of candy canes and mixed them into the batter. Then it was perfect! I also had to add the Hershey kisses about 2-3 minutes before the cookies came out of the oven, as opposed to putting them on in the beginning. The chocolate got all bubbley and the kisses' tops sort of burned when I put the kisses on first. Overall, a pretty good recipe - it just needs some tweaking. Thanks Pamela! UPDATE 12/18/08: I made these again and ran into the same problems as before. This time, I recorded the amounts I changed. I ended up using 2 1/2c flour, 1/4c extra sugar, and 1T + 1t peppermint extract. I also crushed 6 candy canes and mixed them into the dough. Also had to refrigerate the dough before baking so the cookies didn't spread into flattened blobs. Still tastes great though!

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CherryRed December 18, 2008

12/22/10: I made these cookies yesterday, and they are amazing!! I have to agree with CherryRed because I had to make a lot of adjustments from the original recipe. The dough as written comes out very sticky. I added more flour and some more powdered sugar as well. I also crushed candy canes and added them to the batter. I also refrigerated the dough to let it firm up. Bottom line, this is a good base recipe and with some tweaking can make some fabulous cookies.

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singn8 December 22, 2010

I made this recipe both as it is and with the suggestions other reviews have offered, and both times these cookies turned out flavorless. If you can get passed one bite, the chocolate is the only redeeming taste to this recipe.

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nrb7eb December 24, 2007

These were so yummy, I didn't put in any peppermint extract and they were still really good. I also used caramel filled kisses!!!

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wildegirl December 20, 2007

I followed the comments given by other people, after first making the dough as stated, and you definitely need to add the extra 1/4-1/2 cup for flour. Other than that, I thought that they were great! I think that they are a very festive and beautiful cookie, tasting delish as well! Thanks for the great recipe! Will be making again, since the first batch "disappeared" according to my husband!

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Ohhmuffin December 16, 2007

I can't rate this with stars since I changed it quite a bit. I divided the dough in half and used almond extract for one half and hazelnut extract for the other half. I omitted the peppermint & vanilla extracts. That being said, I wanted to comment on the dough. I took the cue from Chef Nadia NYC and used an additional 1/4 c. flour and 1/4 c. powdered sugar. I the chilled the dough for an hour or two. The resulting cookies kept their shape very nicely in the oven - didn't spread out to far at all. I baked them 8 minutes, then topped with a chocolate star and baked another 2-3 minutes. I got over 3 dozen cookies in all. This recipe is a great springboard for many variations to the traditional peanut butter star cookies that are on every cookie platter at the holidays - I like having something different.

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Linorama December 16, 2007

These were OK. I should have heeded the advise of other users and added more flour. They were WAY goopy and spread out A LOT when the were baking. The peppermint flavor was pretty weak. Not sure I would make these again.

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TUMaggieMay December 14, 2007

Made these last night to add to the 2007 Christmas cookie tray. Like others have mentioned, be prepared to 'tweak' the dough. I added a good deal more flour and sugar... then the peppermint didn't come through as strongly, so I added more extract as well. When I got the dough to my liking I lightly oiled my hands to keep the dough from sticking and easily shaped the cookies. This is a great recipe for the kids to help out with during the holidays! I did enjoy the chocolate and peppermint combination.

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Brooke the Cook in WI December 13, 2007

Great cookie to make with the kids. Made it just as directed - Easy and quick. I did find that this makes a small batch (about 3 dozen small cookies). So, be sure to supersize this recipe if you need lots. Also, be sure to add the coloring in the liquid stage - yep, I forget and got quite an arm workout this morning stirring it in. For another variation, don't color the dough and roll the cookies in finely crushed peppermint sticks. Yummy. We also rolled our colored cookies in coordinating sanding sugar. They are so pretty. Thanks Pamela! We used your recipe and made 10 dozen for tonight's 4-H Christmas party.

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TxInIa December 09, 2007

We just made these today for our annual cookie baking for our christmas gifts and my 7 year old son had such a fun time helping me make them. I made the red cookies first in my KitchenAid mixer and made a batch of the green ones using a handheld mixer and the green batter made bigger cookies. I did need to use more flour for the green ones though. I didn't used peppermint extract, as my children don't care for it yet, so I added almond extract instead. They tasted very good and were quite easy to make.

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LDSMom128 December 09, 2007
Peppermint Christmas Cookies