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Well, I really messed these up the first time, but I could tell they had potential. And because I'd tagged them for Photo Tag's December Cookie Exchange, I had to try again. The first time, I winged it in ways that were no fault of the recipe, the worst of which was to guess that 1 tsp of mint extract would be good. No, no! They were like mouthwash candies! The ones in the picture are from the 2nd go-round. I got a better ratio of sugar to liquid and I only used 1/4 tsp extract. Yummy and cute and I think I'll try them with other flavorings later. Thank you! :)

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mliss29 January 03, 2010

What an easy and minimal ingredient candy this is!! Just be sure it is not too soft, or you'll have a hard time getting it to roll properly and to cut. I didn't have any small cookie cutters, so I just rolled the dough into balls and then flattened. Only after they dried did my youngest son remind me that last time I made candy I used a fork to make score marks in it. LOL Very good taste and again super easy!! Thanks for posting! Made for the Photo Tag, December.

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Color Guard Mom December 17, 2008
Peppermint Candy