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This is the second year I've made this, so here's what I've learned. I had trouble with the layers not sticking together last year, and found mixed advice on the internet about how to fix that problem. Some said room temp is the best for the bottom layer before pouring the white, some said ice cold. I split the difference and refrigerated my bottom layer for about an hour, then let it sit on the counter while I melted the white. Everything stuck, no problems at all with layers separating. I also experimented with chocolate to see which I liked best. The smoothest melt with the best flavor was regular old Kroger brand "private selection" white chocolate chips--I'd read someone else mention those, but was skeptical. They were by far the best of the bunch. Also tried Tollhouse white chips, which were second best, and the worst was Ghiradelli. They did not melt smoothly, and their flavor was nowhere near as nice as the cheaper chocolates, surprisingly enough. I'll put it this way, I thought the difference in the Ghiradelli quality and flavor was enough that I didn't mix the different batches when bundling these up for gifts. I thought the recipients would taste the difference as they ate their way through the bag. It's not that the Ghiradelli pieces taste bad, they're just not as nice as the others. I did use the chips and not the baking squares, so that could make a difference. I used Kroger's private selection semi sweet chips for the bottom on all layers, and regular old candy canes for the tops. I took some more internet advice and tried mixing in the dusty over-crushed bits of candy cane into the white chocolate of one batch, in lieu of using the peppermint extract, and the results were good. I don't have a preference for using that method over using the extract; both batches were good. I would like to try using peppermint oil instead of extract to see if that makes a difference, but the extract worked just fine. Oh, I will also say that last year I used foil to line my pan and had trouble with it sticking to the chocolate. This time I used parchment, cut to fit the bottom of the pan, no overhang. I sprayed the edges with a tiny bit of cooking spray, which I then rubbed all over the parchment with a paper towel. So it was just barely there, and not enough to show up on the candy, but I had no sticking whatsoever. I made three batches using 12 oz of semi sweet chips and 24 oz of white in each batch, and about 8-10 candy canes on each (depending on how much you crush them), and that made enough to make 30 little candy bags with 10-12 pieces each, with the pieces being cut all crazy shapes, however I can get it to break! Overall, I had big improvements over last year's methods, and everyone loves getting this stuff for Christmas. It's delicious! Hope my trial and error helps you make some of your own!

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knitterstitcher December 17, 2012

Hi, I made this recipe as stated. It was excellent and so easy. The only advice I would add, is to work quickly when putting on the candies. The white chocolate sets up very fast. It was excellent and very pretty for the holiday. Linda

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The Bread Lady of Wisconsin December 19, 2011

Awesome! I used bakers white premium chocolate squares.and I microwaved my white chocolate versus using a double broiler..it worked wonderful. Microwave one minute ...stir..microwave 30 sec stir and its melted nice and creamy.

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e1600585 December 07, 2012

12 normal candy canes crushed made about 1 cup. Had trouble with the layers wanting to separate when cutting. It worked out better when we started cutting larger pieces first, then cut those smaller pieces into the sizes we wanted. Using a hot knife seemed to help too. Don't over-do the peppermint extract or everytime you kiss your spouse they'll ask if you just brushed your teeth!

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Jessica&David December 29, 2009

I found another much easier recipe and the family liked it better....1 C. dark chocolate chips...2 C.white chocolate chips 6-8 candy canes. place parchment on sheet..spray lightly...crush canes..melt dark in microwave spread on parchment evenly..refrigerate 15 mins...melt white spread over choc. while still warm lightly press crushed candy canes on top refrigerate 15 mins. more or till harder...turned out good

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luv2please December 03, 2012

OMG! I made a 1/2 batch - in order to try it out for holiday gifts. This is unbelievable. My chocolate layer did blend into the white -- so I probably didn't let the white chocolate "cool" long enough before putting on top of refrigerated semi-sweet chocolate. Regardless, this is absolutely fabulous! I hope to make a couple of batches and share among 6 co-workers along with a few other little items in a small gift basket -- as a thrifty holiday gift. Thanks for posting!

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Trixie735 December 11, 2010

Fantastic recipe - easy to make, simple ingredients, great results. What could be better? I used the Kroger brand white chips, melted nicely. I mashed up extra candy canes to total almost a cup and mixed the smallest bits/powder into the white chocolate before spreading it on the dark chocolate layer, then pressed the bigger chunks into the top of the white chocolate.

My kids love this and have taken it in their lunches to school. All their friends who have tried it want the recipe. I'm sending them here. Thanks!

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toveyparry December 06, 2010

Holy amazing!!! As a lover of all things mint chocolate, this is wonderful, without being overwhelmingly minty. I used to make a layered mint and chocolate fudge at Christmastime, which is very good, but this is not only easier, but prettier and better tasting. Crushed candy canes (instead of starlight mints) is a must, as candy canes have that distinct sweeter, mellower peppermint flavor that compliments the bark so well. So easy to make, too. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Souppe du Jour December 05, 2010

William Sonoma's Bark is my favorite, but very expensive at $29 a tin. This was surprisingly easy to make and tasted exactly like the original! Never again will I pay so much for my Xmas habit. And I can say its homemade. Thanks to you!

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Cookingwithpassion April 22, 2010

Good bark recipe. This my second time making & I found the milk chocolate cooks more evenly if melted in a double broiler & poured in the 9x13 pan. Plus, adding some crushed peppermint candies in the white chocolate didn't mess with the flavor. This makes a wonderful holiday treat, can't wait to make again. Thanks cookiedog for a delicious recipe. Made for Let's P-A-R-T-Y! ~~2011~~ tag game.

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KimmieCat1 February 02, 2016
Peppermint Bark