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I used this recipe with another cooking method ("grilled" Salmon) and just sprinkled on salt, pepper, and dill. I wanted to use up leftover potatoes from our St. Patrick's Day dinner. Since I only buy fat free plain yogurt, I added in a spoon of mayo to make it more creamy. It was delicious! Served on a bed of mixed greens along with some tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed in a similar sauce.

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SandwichQueen March 20, 2012

This is very good but uses way too much pepper. It's all you can taste if you use the amount listed. I would cut it back by at least 1/2. The yogurt dressing is great!

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Paris D July 20, 2010

This was fabulous. I loved the plating ideas - it looked so pretty. It was extremely easy to make. I only used 2 T of dill and 1 T of pepper, but that made the salmon very flavorful. I added some extra dill and pepper to the dressing. I also sprinkled some salt on the salmon. Will definitely make again.

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Reddyrat March 06, 2009

We just finished this. It was a nice change. Loved the dressing. I did not have plain yougurt, so I used fat-free sour cream instead. I believe I will be making that again, but with a little less dill, and way less pepper. Instead of 2 tsp of pepper I only used 1 tsp pepper...and was very happy I cut that amount in half...it still had a bit of a kick to it. I think that next time I will just spray some "can't believe it's not butter" on it (for less calories), and then sprinkle w. pepper and abundantly with dill. I think that just abundantly sprinkling it with dill instead of coating it that heavy, it would have a better balance between the flavours of salmon and the dill. These fresh baked potatoes and the yogurt dressing were amazing together. I think I'll use this baked potatoes-yougurt dressing combination again with other dishes too...would be great with marinated grilled meat chops in summer with tomato-cucumber-dill salad w. just salt and pepper.

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Chef Kelli S.-H. November 17, 2007
Peppered Salmon W/ Arugula (Rocket) and Yogurt Dressed Potatoes