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The taste made us VERY happy! This dish really is incredibly easy to put together, enough so for weeknight meals, and is delicious. I made the recipe exactly as directed (although I only used chicken pieces, not a cut-up chicken). The mix of spices was perfect, and when I began cooking the chicken, the aroma really made my mouth water. DH and I agreed that this is a very unique-tasting dish (not for the spice-challenged) that we'll make often. Wonderful dish - thanks, Evelyn!

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Lizzie-Babette July 31, 2003

This is a good recipe, if you like spicy foods. I choose to cook it on the grill and only use boneless chicken breasts. It turned out great. Summer is comming!

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John Sauerbeck March 13, 2004

Made this tonight and received a wonderful review from hubby. Since it was just the two of us, I used (2) 7oz chicken breasts, halved the ingredients and grilled them 7 min per side. I topped them with Marvelous Mushrooms, Marvelous Mushrooms (see notes there for adjustments I made) and they were delicious! The flavors really complimented each other well. For sides- baked some acorn squash (halved, face down in 1/4 inch of water, 40 min @ 400 degrees) scooped out the inside and stirred in a little brown sugar and smart balance, and baked potatoes (in the microwave, rubbed with garlic olive oil, S&P, covered with wet paper towel). My husband loved it all and said all and added it will be a tough dinner to beat! Thanks so much, we will make this many times more!

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Allison 333 October 03, 2008

123 Hit Wonders 2007 ~ This was wonderfully spicy. I had the same situation as tara with the pepper. I used fresh ground and my wrist was getting tired too! However, even with only half the amount, it was perfect. If you have a cold, eat this...it's a perfect way to clear up your sinuses! ;) I used boneless chicken breasts for this. Added a little water throughout the cooking to ensure it didn't dry up and burn. Thanks evelyn!

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CulinaryQueen October 23, 2007

I didn't add the whole two tablespoons of pepper because I used fresh ground pepper and my wrist just couldn't take grinding out a whole two tablespoons. But I think that turned out to my advantage because with the appox. 1 tablespoon I did add, the spice was just to my liking. This was a highly flavorful dish that really revved up plain chicken. It was simple to make; The only draw back is the amount of time.

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tara portee June 24, 2004
Pepper Chicken