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These tasted just like the pepparkakor my Mor-Mor used to make, but they came out a different colour and texture than I'm used to - they were more grey and less orange. They also made much less than listed - maybe three dozen, at the most. However, they tasted perfect, even though I skipped out on the glaze.

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CookingTimeForMe January 30, 2007

Kaarin, what size are your cookie cutters? I ended up with 3 dozen small cookies and another 2 dozen large ones. Needless to say it took a bit more than 30 minutes. :-) All kidding aside, these were fantastic cookies. I was a little worried about whether they would be too spicy for the kids but indeed the spices are just right very flavorful but not overwhelming. The orange is subtle and backs up the spice very nicely. The cookies themselves are crispy yet quite tender - and easy to make as the dough was quite firm and resilient. I actually preferred them without the glaze but with our without - they were superb. Thanks!!

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justcallmetoni November 07, 2005
Pepparkakor With Orange Glaze (Spice Cookies)