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My family enjoyed this very much.Sorry i had not gotten around to reviewing it yet, as i cooked this twice already, because we enjoyed it that much.I also slow simmered uncooked cabbage and uncooked sausage in layers coverd in my dutch pot.The juices blended well this way.I also used green cabbage once then savoy.We seemed to enjoy the green better.Yummy thanks so much.

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chef313633 September 25, 2006

Very tasty dish! I made this with regular green cabbage, since that is what I had in the fridge. I chopped it up and added it to the cooking sausage and let the two ingredients cook together. For the sauce, I used Classico di Napoli tomato and basil pasta sauce which gave the dish a nice taste. This makes quite a lot of pasta so we have our lunches and some of our suppers taken care of for this week! I will definitely make this again!

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Irmgard May 06, 2006

This is so simple and so delicious and the cabbage (I used regular green cabbage) added just enough bulk to make it a chunky, delicious sauce. I will definitely make it again. There was enough to feed an army so it would be good for potlucks!! Thanks for sharing

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yukon64 November 13, 2012
Penne With Cabbage, and Italian Sausage in Marinara Sauce