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Yum! the garlic comes though nicely and the wine in the sauce elevates it from just a plain cheese sauce, all parts of this recipe went very well with the asparagus. I couldn't get regular sized green asparagus when I went shopping and the usual dutch white asparagus on offer looked rather tired, so I opted for fresh green baby asparagus tips and they worked just fine. I did buy penne pasta especially for this recipe but DH who works from home polished it off for his lunches during the week so I came home from work and was forced to substitute the tagliatelle that we had in the cupboard instead... it doesn't effect the result I think, which is a nice blend of flavours. DH commented that whilst he thought it was good, that it needed a "little something extra" and suggested maybe a handful of fresh basil? We also never mind eating a vegetarian meal, but this time DH said that he missed eating meat when he ate this. (something he doesn't often say)Next time I will make a meat dish on the side. Please see my rating system: 4 wonderful stars for an easy and tasty recipe that I would be happy to make again. Made for Pick-a-Chef Autumn 2008. Thanks !

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kiwidutch September 18, 2008
Penne With Asparagus and Cream Sauce