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I made this twice in the last week (once 1/2 recipe, and then the whole recipe). Both times the dough was much softer (like drop cookie dough) than I expected. In fact, the first time I couldn't roll it out because it stuck to the rolling pin and the pastry mat. I ended up patting it into the pie plate to shape. The second time, I chilled it overnight, and used a lot of flour on the mat, on top of the dough, and on the pin. This did the trick - it rolled beautifully. I discovered that the soft dough makes for a light, and delicious, flaky crust. This is a winner. Thanks, Barb.

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PanNan April 18, 2003

This is a wonderful crust. I used this to make Blueberry Pie (10 inch) for a photo forum event. Very good.. nice and flaky! Thank you Barb for a great recipe. I'll be using this again and again! :)

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VickyJ August 01, 2008

Absolutely the best pie crust!!!!! Don't over blend the flour and shortening and butter. Should see pea size bits of shortening and butter when rolled out. This is what makes the flakiest crust ever! I always chill the flour mixture before adding liquid and always chill after patted into two discs. Use a chilled marble roller and always chill the dough in the pie plate in between making filling and top crust for any recipe.

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yacookindog September 09, 2013

With the right preparation (as PanNan covered above), this is the best crust ever!
Great texture - soft and flaky, great taste (thanks to the butter!), and especially aesthetically-pleasing when brushed with egg wash.
Just be sure to chill it overnight, and use flour on your rolling surfaces.

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ana.vb February 05, 2013
Peggy's Foolproof Pie Crust