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Mini, this was tasty, really really tasty. But, I was unable to form the pedas. I think the quantity of milk is alot(probably double of what is required). Maybe, exactly half of it would suffice. Otherwise, the quantity of khoya would have to be increased(almost doubled). Either way, one of these options would lead to success in making the pedas. Another suggestion is to boil the milk-khoya mixture for really really long, until the mixture really thickens up so that pedas can be formed out of it, but again, I did not have the patience to do that, it would take a lot of time and who can wait when its peda that's cooking!) As I was unable to form the mixture into pedas(since it was very smooth and more like gravy), I froze it around 7:30pm and served it at around 11:30pm! And Voila, it was "yum"! This was on the second day after I had made this mixture. The day I made it, after it cooled, I put it into the fridge as I didnt in any case, want it to get spoilt. It was in the fridge till the next day. It was on the next day's evening, that I froze it and had the yummiest dessert I've had lately. If I get a recipe with the proper quantities of khoya and milk to be used, I'll post it rightaway. From a devotee of Lord Krishna, thank you for sharing this:)

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Charishma_Ramchandani August 12, 2002
Pedas from Mathura