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Just have to add that my mom and I have made these for Christmas yearly. This looks like the same recipe we use and everybody loves these little pies. To press the dough into the mini-muffin pan, we use a tool called a mini tart shaper. They are cheap and wonderful - I know the Pampered Chef carries them. I also read the suggestion by another Zaar chef to use a shot glass. Whatever you use, make sure you dip it in flour between each tart to keep it from sticking. These are a little time consuming but so worth the effort!

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muncheechee February 07, 2009

I'm sorry but I have to give this recipe a 1 because the tassies got too brown on the bottom because the temperature was too hot. I have always used the recipe of Better Crocker until now, and while the ingredients are the same, the temperature BC uses is 325 degrees and bake for for 30 minutes. You will avoid having the tassies cooking too fast and getting too brown on the bottom and sides before the filling is done. I am really disappointed because these cost a lot of money to make and they are totally ruined.

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linda3558 November 29, 2014

Delicious! A rich tasting crust that is a lot quicker & easier than traditional tart shells. The filling is yummy as well.

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Debbb February 19, 2012

My mom made these to sell at The Women's Exchange in the 60's! I haven't made them in years because I'm not a big fan of the "fussiness" involved, but these came out wonderful. I had a brainstorm about pressing the the crust in the pans after my fingernails kept poking through the first few. I rolled out the dough thin, cut with a 3" round tart cutter, laid each circle on a slightly flattened fluted mini-muffin paper. They were a breeze to then fit in the tins, and tasted exactly the same as the ones pressed in a greased tin! The ones baked in the papers did take the full 18 minutes to cook. Excellent recipe, just the same as Ma used to make! Thanks, Sweet'sLady! Made for PRMR 12/10.

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davianng December 21, 2010

I must start by saying these are a minidelight in that they taste exactly like a bite of pecan pie. However, I had a hard time getting these to work for me. Finally by the last batch they were looking better. It took alot of fine tuning on my part and I consider myself a fairly decent baker. I'm thinking next time that I will put less butter in the filling as I think there was where my problem was. The dough was fine to work with as I took the advice of a previous review and refrigerated the dough. Also, I think it's wise to make sure the dough is brought up and over the top of the tin a bit. These sure do taste heavenly, even after all the effort.

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CoffeeB December 19, 2007

This tasted great, but I could not get it to cook right. At 375 degrees, it was too hot and burnt the outsides before the insides were cooked completely, so I looked online and found recipes just like this one calling for 325 degrees for 25 min, this still left them undercooked and i had to do some funny adjustments but in the end got a couple good ones.

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twiggyshell December 16, 2007

Delicious! Make sure you refrigerate the dough while you are making the filling. I added a whole tablespoon of vanilla to these, and tripled the nuts. Between that and the size of my tart pan, this would have made close to 100 for the full recipe. Your friends and family won't be able to get enough of these!

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Maito December 10, 2007

Ohhh...my grandmother makes these little treats and they are fabulous! Easy, easy, easy!

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BamaBelle30 December 10, 2007
Pecan Tassies/Mini Pecan Pies