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Wow, Auntie Di!! You made my house smell like a bakery with this recipe of yours. This is SOOOOO GOOD - "addictive" is the word!! I made this a few days back. I substituted the oil with butter and the sour cream with low-fat plain yogurt(beaten). Since I do not have nutmeg, I doubled the quantity of cinnamon and it went well. I did leave out the lemon rind though, since, at my place, nobody would have anything with any rind in it. I did add a handful of raisins to this. Karen Wilson, my adorable friend from RAK, sent me a packet of chopped pecans that found their way into this bread! Thanks so much for sharing this moist and yummy bread.

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 07, 2002

This is to die for! I had some pears to use up and decided to try it. I made it exactly as directed except I didn't have any lemon rind so I just left it out. It was very easy to make - I whipped it up after dinner the other night and the smell was incredibly good. I did have to bake it longer than an hour (might be my oven). It's very moist and delicious. It keeps well in the refrigerator and I've been eating it every day (so much for my low carb diet!) I think I'll try it with walnuts next time and there will be a next time! This will be a great gift for next Christmas (I'll make small loaves) since it keeps so well. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Gayl January 10, 2004

This review is from someone who will not eat a pear out of her hand, but because my husband loves them decided to try this bread (am addicted to this sort of treat). This is excellent, moist, flavorful and keeps well. Thanks for putting this where others can add it to their files.

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waynejohn1234 October 18, 2011

Very nice pear bread. Texture is very soft. We think it is best the day after. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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gwynn November 19, 2009

Very nice tea bread! I used canned pears that I drained well, and I didn't have sour cream so used the same amount of peach yogurt with great success. We loved it with coffee and the texture is great. Thanks, Carole in Orlando

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carole in orlando July 11, 2006
Pecan Pear Bread