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I used your recipe for Pecan Honey Butter to fill your other recipe for Chicken Kiev stuffed with Pecan Honey Butter (Chicken Kiev stuffed with Pecan Honey Butter)--delicious!! I was very skeptical about adding the olive oil--I've always just used the honey and the butter and the pecans...The cinnamon added a nice touch. The only change I made was to use half olive oil, and half regular vegetable oil, because your recipe specified to use "Light" olive oil, and mine wasn't light...I think blending the two oils was the right choice,only because of the olive oil I used. I think, even though I only used half olive oil, it was still too much, because there is a slight taste to the finished product that tells me my olive oil was just too strong. With that said, I must state clearly that this is a wonderful recipe, and I have no complaints...I plan on using the remaining butter on English Muffins in the morning, which I bought just to use with this recipe--I just want others who make this to be careful of the olive oil they use...thank you for sharing this delicious recipe!! Teresa

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TGirl,RN March 11, 2004

This is so yummy!!! I have tried it on waffles (frozen unfortunately because i dont have a waffle iron LOL), muffins, biscuits, and honey rolls. Its fabulous on everything! The flavor is wonderful...especially the cinnamon and honey. I finely chopped the pecans, because I dont like huge chunky pieces ;-) Thanks for the recipe!!!

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love4culinary October 15, 2003

Boy, is this good! I had this on top of my English muffin this morning and it was delicious! I can't wait to try it on waffles tomorrow. Thanks Rita!

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Hey Jude August 23, 2003

Excellent excellent butter on both English Muffins and biscuits.

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Pot Scrubber July 13, 2006
Pecan Honey Butter