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Emeril's recipe from "New New Orleans Cooking", can be found on other sites but I wanted to give my review here. It is easy enough, though frying anything can be messy. I like how he instructs us to coat the chicken twice - that ensures a nice thick coating. I had the perfect amount of egg mixture, but ended up with too much breading left over (which will coat my fish fry tomorrow). The chicken takes more than the called for 6 minutes per side, but turns out well when fried at the correct temperature. The coating is nice and thick, but mine lacked flavor. I think this is in part because I DID NOT PUT ENOUGH ESSENCE in, so my suggestion would be to mix in all the essence after saving a little bit to sprinkle on the pieces after cooking. Easy and tasty enough to cook again.

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george.garman August 17, 2012
Pecan Crusted Southern Fried Chicken