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I could drink the sauce! This is fabulous and I will make this over and over again! I made this for Culinary Quest and it is a keeper!

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breezermom August 11, 2014

Awesome! I used gluten free bread crumbs and tamari in place of the soy sauce, but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter, and it was SO good! And so easy, too. Definite keeper, the sauce is to die for. Thanks for sharing!!

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Mia in Germany August 09, 2014

Yum! This was so delicious and easy to put together. The sauce and chicken really compliment and enhance each other. The sauce has a really nice tang to it. I reduced the mustard and soy sauce a little and increased the bourbon and since I only had light brown sugar I added a little bit of molasses I also decreased the butter and even having halved the recipe still had plenty of sauce. I used two chicken breasts and after flattening them cut them into 3 pcs each. I did have to use the full amount of coating for half the original amount of chicken. Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT 9 Cajun/Creole by one of the Appliance Killers.

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momaphet July 18, 2013

Very tasty. I ran out of coating before I ran out of chicken, so some of the pieces had larger bits of pecans on them in the second batch. I also added some pecans to the sauce for presentation since I don't like green onions much. Hubby liked that I burned one for him. Plenty of sauce, next time I'll double the coating though. Thanks for a tasty meal LIG! Made for PRMR 2012

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Buzymomof3 December 18, 2012

I did cut this recipe in half for the 2 of us & the only thing I did a little different was to simmer the sauce a few more minutes to be sure the alcohol was gone! Served it with a combo of brown rice & peas, & that was very, very nice topped with the sauce! Thanks for posting the recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike January 24, 2012

Easy and good. I used two chicken breasts and carefully sliced each into three thin filets rather than pounding them. I had lots of the coating leftover, so it is probably just the right amount if you use 4 chicken breasts. I used all the sauce ingredients but adjusted the amounts as follows and it still came out great:
Used only about 1.5 tablespoons of dijon mustard, dark rum instead of bourbon, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and only 2 tablespoons of butter. It was more than enough sauce for 2 people, probably enough for 4.

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Crunchy Numbers March 15, 2011

Yummy! I did halve the recipe. Pounding the chicken and slicing into 8 pieces. Which I seasoned with pepper and some Italian herbs. I did brown then placed into a warm oven to finish cooking. Found the sauce on the sweet side. Also cut back on the butter. Next time I`ll use Grand Marnier in place of the bourbon. Thanks for a great dish!

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Rita~ March 10, 2011

I very much enjoyed this chicken. I halved the recipe, since it is just DH and myself. The coating was lovely, and I just drizzled the sauce lightly over the chicken, and it was just a nice pop as you took a bite. Thank you for posting such a delicious recipe!

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Misa December 15, 2009

I made use of the many suggestions about this recipe and I think each suggestion helped to make this a success. I pounded the chicken to be thin so it would cook quickly without burning the pecans, I kept the temperature at a medium-high heat so as to not burn the chicken, I had the sauce ingredients put together in the sauce pan before I started sauteeing the chicken and I doubled up on the sauce ingredients. I really liked the flavor of the sauce. You could definitely taste the bourbon but it was not overpowering. Also, I like the addition of the seasoned bread crumbs. I've tried other pecan chicken recipes where the coating was just pecans and it wasn't as tasty as this recipe was.

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Marie Nixon December 12, 2009

I wish I could give this more than 5 stars, it deserves it. I had bought a big bag of pecans at Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago, and wondered what on earth I was going to make to use them all.I just found out! This is divine! The sauce is just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing, this is a keeper! Made for Chef's Pick event at KK.

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FLUFFSTER December 11, 2009
Pecan Chicken With Bourbon Sauce