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This is amazing. The cake was baked in an 8 inch square pan and easily serves 9. This is a moist and deliciously flavored cake. No one would ever guess that it is gluten free. I used 1 1/2 granny smith apples with the peel on. During the clean up phase I realized that the chopped nuts for the batter were still sitting on the counter but they weren't missed. This was served at room temperature with homemade vanilla bean ice cream on the side.

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PaulaG May 06, 2011

Very easy to make and came out great. I find gluten free recipes are much lighter anf tastier. My husband loved it.

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cathtony99 May 11, 2010

Enjoyed this cake, I especially appreciate that it's gluten free & vegan. My photo looks a lot darker because I used all brown rice flour. I baked it in a loaf pan, which fit the batter & topping perfectly, but was a little tricky to get out and cut without ruining the streusel. Next time I'd probably try a small 8x8'ish. The one thing I would be tempted to change is the amount of baking powder & soda, I can definintely detect that soda flavour, I wonder if you could get away with less. I'm sure I'll be making this one again, thanks!

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magpie diner May 31, 2010
Pecan Apple Strudel Cake (Gluten Free)