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I couldn't believe there was an actual recipe for exactly what I had in the fridge! I was so excited to find your recipe and it was DELICIOUS!!! I added some sliced mushrooms, garlic, onions-to use more of what I had on hand-and I used grill seasoning instead of the salt-so easy and flavorful! Thank you for a great recipe!!!

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Mrs.Jack September 03, 2008

until the end i was sure i was failing badly: apparently initially the heat was too high and i hadn't put in enough butter, so the peas were burning while the zuccini was still raw. i was cooking rice at the same time so i was rushing back and forth. when i ended up serving it though (along with the rice) it tasted surprisingly well. a very interesting flavor that i totally didn't expect. i had also added green onions, garlic, dried basil and pepper (i didn't have any red peppers) to the pea-zuccini mixture and i cooked the rice with flaxseed and lemon juice.

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Mece4ka June 24, 2005

This dish was so beautiful! I was searching for pea recipes and saw this one with the zucchini, which was perfect since my husband is always bringing in another one from the garden. I only used about 2 tsp. of butter, but added more red pepper - about 1/2 cup. It turned out fresh tasting and the color was delightful. Thanks for a great new veggie recipe.

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Chris from Kansas August 07, 2004
Peas and Zucchini