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We love our muffins in the morning for breakfast. We all thought these were awesome. I used very ripe Bartlett pears and the muffins had a wonderful moist texture. The nuts were an added bonus. This is a fine way to start your day. Thanks Nurse Di.

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Gail Blue Eyes October 14, 2002

I agree with all above. They mixed up so easily. I'd never had a muffin/cake with pears and these were good. Thanks.

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Dabbler December 11, 2008

Wonderful muffins! I did make these changes. I decreased the oil to 3/4 cup and added 1/2 sour cream. I used 2 cups all-purpose flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour. They were very moist and not at all oily. My family loved them. Will definitely make these during pear season. Thanks "ratherbeswimmin' for this great muffin recipe.

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Nana3063 October 12, 2008

These muffins were soaked in oil - oil on the paper liners. Oil is all I could taste. The batter is not a muffin one - it's crumbly. I will never make these again. What a disappointment.

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lovethatlook2 November 11, 2006

Oh wow! These are terrific. And I have to tell you that I messed up, but the muffins were still delicious. I determined to cut the recipe in half. I had a "helper" in the kitchen, and set out two of my three ripe pears to be cut up for the muffins, figuring about one chopped pear per cup. When it came time to mix in the pears, it looked like I had about three cups. And where the heck was my remaining pear? Yup - in the bowl all chopped up. Sooooo, I didn't change anything else (I had already decideded, based on some other reviews, to halve the oil and had done that.) and just proceeded. I ended up with eighteen muffins (I use those aluminum foil muffin cups on a cookie sheet instead of muffin tins when I can because of the easy clean up.) and they still rose beautifully I needed to cook them a little longer, but then we are at 5,520 feet so cooking times are often a little different. They are everything one could want in a fruit muffin. Thanks once again, NurseDi!

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Tisherself October 09, 2006

This is a GREAT recipe! I've made a few times in the last few days to use up an abundance of pears.... it worked! These are really, really tasty muffins - my Dad gobbled up 2 in about 5 minutes and he's not crazy about muffins. I found that baking them 27 minutes helped to set them best without a gooey top. Also - I tried substituting whole wheat flour for 1/3 of the flour and it looked/tasted I think even better than the original. I didn't have pecans and used walnuts and they taste great. After reading about another reviewers comments about the oily bottoms I halved the oil with applesauce and it did help take away the some of the oily-ness of the bottoms. Also - just as a note to other bakers - I'm used to a soupy type of batter for muffins and this one worried me half-way through. When you add the dry to the wet ingredients it will look quite crumbly. Don't worry! The moisture comes from adding the pears and it turns out great. All in all - we all LOVE this recipe and it's a keeper. Thanks for sharing!

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Baker Barb June 11, 2006

These were very good. I was looking for something to use up a huge bag of pears I received. The next time I make them, I will probably cut back on the oil. My muffin cups were soaked with oil and though the flavor was really good, this turned me off a bit.

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enigma535 November 11, 2005

I would call these some of the best muffins I have ever made! Very moist and tender - I "quartered" the recipe which produced a perfect 24 mini muffins (baked for 15 minutes). Left out the pecans (for my DDs) and sprinkled the tops with some turbinado sugar - the word succulent keeps coming to mind - a definite keeper!

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LorenLou November 11, 2005

Pretty good muffins! Very moist and my little brother who normally won't eat anything enjoyed them! Twas a miracle!

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Crazycutie2 October 27, 2005
Pear Pecan Muffins