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This is very different from the recipe in the Ball book. It has way too much liquid (OJ) and that is why it takes so long to reduce down to pear butter. For 10lb of pears, you should only use about a half cup of OJ. The flavor is great, but it takes 3 hours on the stove for the finished product. It makes 3.5 pints, but I think this depends on how thick you make it. If you make it thin, it will make more because it hasn't reduced down so much. I will use a little less juice next time (about half a cup) and see how it turns out.

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jewels_9090 September 09, 2009

Very good butter. It has a much more delicate flavor than Apple butter. But the four stars here came from other issues. This took about4 hours to cook down altogether. When it finally came to a simmer, if I tried to increase the heat over 2 (electric stove) it began to stick and scorch. And I got only 4 pints out of this not ten and that was with a full 10.5 or so pounds of pears. But all in all, a very good fruit butter worth the time to make. I'll make this one again. Thanks for posting :-)

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JanetB-KY August 26, 2009

Ooo...this is very good. And so easy to make. I replaced the cinnamon with allspice. I've put most of it away for this winter, minus the few jars my granmother stole. :D The first thing we did when it was done was to have it hot over vanilla ice cream. The kids love it.

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Amis September 13, 2005

I cut this down to 1/4 as 10 lbs of pears would cost a fortune this time of year! This is excellent and I ended up with 2 Pint jars, enough for us and for a dear neighbor who is not feeling well. Thanks Rita!

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CookbookCarrie January 25, 2005
Pear Butter