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MMM what a wonderful cake. The cake and icing complimented each other perfectly. I followed the recipe as is and the cake came out moist and chocolaty while the icing was surprisingly not as sweet as it looks, with a peanut butter taste which reminds me of the middle of a Reese's cup somewhat. Yummy! I did opt to leave out the finely chopped nuts as garnish cause I knew I wouldn't enjoy it like that. I also made this into a three layer cake, dividing batter evenly among my pans. I found that I did not need to add any milk to get a spreadable consistency on my frosting as well. Thanks for the recipe, it was delightful.

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Roxanne J.R. October 15, 2010

Pretty Darn good! Next time I think instead of adding the 1 cup water to the cake batter, I will use 1 cup cold coffee to enhance the chocolate flavor. Other than that it was great. I chopped up peanuts AND chocolate chips to press into the side to make it prettier. I like that it wasn't as heavy or dense as I thought it would be - the filling is really fluffy!

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Rachie P February 19, 2009

This review is based solely on the Peanut Butter Icing. I used this on the Dark and Decadent Chocolate cake. This icing is yummy! Not an overwhelming peanut butter flavour, which is nice. However, I think that I would cut back on the butter next time, it was a bit much. I also only used 3 cups of icing sugar, because I sifted it to prevent lumps. Thanks again for a great recipe!

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Shels January 24, 2005
Peanut Chocolate Cake