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YUMMY!!! I made these this afternoon to take to a party this evening(it's a little boy's FIRST b'day party). I did not have butter flavour shortening, so I used margarine instead. Now about the dough mixture- This was enough for 9 Snicker bars for me. The tenth one went back into the refrigerator,lol. I made these in an oven that was pre-heated to 200C. I baked these for 21 minutes(a bit too long bcoz I now notice that the base of these bars tends to get burnt if baked for 5 mins. longer). That was a big mistake on my part, I should've stopped at 16 minutes, which I will do next time and in future. Now I must tell you that I can't wait to try a recipe once it's ready, and, I just had to take a small bite of these bars. Oh magnificent! When warm and out of the oven, the chocolate and peanut butter creamy and all melted taste oh sooo good! You have to be thanked alot for a yummy recipe. I'm taking these to the party tonight and I can bet, these will be gone in 60 seconds;)! THANKS THANKS AND MANY MORE THANKS for a tasty treat!

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Charishma_Ramchandani April 17, 2003

Why have I never tried these before? OMG, they were sooooo darn good. Particularly warm out of the oven with a big glass of milk. I pretty much followed the recipe except I made much smaller cookies and used more mini snickers bars. Simply awesome! I'll be making these soon again for our Labor Day weekend bash! Thanks for sharing!

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Sassy in da South August 03, 2008

There are only two things that would make this recipe better. 1: Where does the Butter Crisco used in this recipe it is up top but nothing in instructions as the if it goes in the batter? 2: The yield based on this recipe is incorrect, I doubled the recipe and i was short 5 cookies. I used a measuring cup so i know they exact 1/3 c.
3.You may mention how many giant cookies to put on the baking sheet at once so they expand correctly. (I only put 3 per pan)

We are trying to make them w mini resees too we will let u know how they are.

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seekeroffood December 23, 2012

I made these years ago after seeing the recipe in one of those little cookbooks you get at the checkout lane. The only difference was they had you insert a popsicle stick into each cookie before baking. I made them for my 5 year old twins' birthday party with a bright ribbon tied around each stick! The kids loved them and the stick made them easier to eat since they're such a big cookie! Enjoy!

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Daniel's girl September 25, 2007

These are AWESOME!! I used chunky peanut butter and miniature candy bars. I only used 1/4 cup per cookie - and got 11 cookies instead of 10 - and they were still huge!! I also sprinkled them with a little sugar when they came out of the oven. 14 minutes seemed to be perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

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BakerNurse September 24, 2007

These were great. I baked them too long (according to hubby). Definitely will make these again. I used 1/4 cup mixute around each of my fun-sized snickers and it made 10 cookies, perfectly. I used exact listed ingredients - these were GREAT!! Thanks!! Sharon

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Sharon the Rocket September 23, 2007
Peanut Butter Snickers Giant Cookies