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Fabulous! I only had 8" tortillas so just used a little less of everything (truthfully, I didn't actually measure, just used what looked good). The only thing I changed was to use a non-stick skillet on the stove and no oil. It didn't get as golden brown and crispy, but still worked and cut a tiny bit of fat LOL Messy but good - thanks for sharing!

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flower7 February 20, 2011

These were great for my DS, as a special treat! I did not have a campfire, so I improvised and just used my skillet (and a little butter! ;-) ) They looked so good, that I then proceeded to fix one for myself and DH, to share! Gotta remember to try this when we go camping! Thanks for sharing this tasty treat, ratherbeswimmin'!

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alligirl February 05, 2012

OK, so I had to re-review these since I make them ALL the time. They are SO delicious and much better than regular s'mores! The banana is so perfect with all the other ingredients. When I first starting making them, I wasn't sure about the use of a tortilla with s'more ingredients - but it works so well. Trader Joe's whole wheat tortillas are a great fit in them. In a pinch, I have made them with sourdough or whole wheat bread too, which is also quite good. DH said we should share one since they are huge, but then he ate one all by himself! If you brush just a slight amount of oil on the pan and one side of the tortilla, you won't gain much fat, but all the wonderfullness of the browning and crispness that is signature to this dish (just cook them on medium, or they get a little too brown). Flip these with the bananas toward the sky, not the pan, so they won't fall out. We liked them better without the cinnamon sugar. I got these from someone's best of the year cookbook last year, and they will definitely be in my best of the year cookbook this year. You can serve these for dessert, breakfast or even a snack! They only take 10-15 minutes start to finish.

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Maito June 29, 2011

This is so yummy. I forgot to add the cinnamon sugar. With the first one, the heat was too high, it was burned. So I reduced it to medium heat for the next one and it was perfect. My son had fun to help me :) Thanks ratherbeswimmin :) Made for I recommend tag game

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Boomette July 24, 2010

Boy these pack a punch of a lot of different flavors in one dessert quesadilla. They are extremely messy (which did not bother the kids) but my kids did find they enjoyed them more without the banana and just the other ingredients. I used a grill pan on the stove and just heavily sprayed the pan with non stick cooking spray and it worked great! Made for a special event in the Photo Forum

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HokiesMom May 06, 2010

WOW! These are so yummy. I didn't measure anything, just used what I thought was enough of each ingredient and they turned out perfectly. They're a real treat - but definitely messy :)

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Sherri35 May 12, 2005

Oh My! this was so ooey gooey. There wasn't a morsel left. I fixed mine on top of the stove in a cast iron skillet. I used the flour tortilla that looked homemade from the store since I wasn't near the tortilla shop near my house. I will be making these again. Thanks NurseDi.

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bullwinkle October 25, 2004

I printed this recipe out and have been waiting for the chance to try it ever since it was posted. We went camping last weekend and you've gotta make s'mores when you go camping. I followed the essence of the recipe except we didn't do a lot of measuring. Just kinda eye-balled it. Cooked them over a grill and boy, were they good. Messy, you bet, but that is part of the fun. This one was fun to make and a must for a family camping trip.

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Jillian L June 05, 2004
Peanut Butter S'more Quesadillas