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Wow Andsie :) These are perfect little cookies. The only change I had to make for my pooch (due to allergies to anything wheat) was I used a rice flour in place of the wheat flour. Libby absolutely loves these and actually was acting like a puppy again even though she is 13 yo. I just dropped using a small cookie scoop and flattened them a bit before baking. Worked fine. Made in honor of your being a winning fan of the Potluck Tag Game on Facebook! :)

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HokiesMom February 27, 2010

What dog doesn't like peanut butter? My two woofed them down so fast I didn't get a photo. Will try again later. :) These are so easy to make and great smelling. You wouldn't know you were baking doggie goodies instead of the real peanut butter cookies. I got 20 good size doggie bone shapes and with the remaining dough I made peanut butter cookies shapes for them. I got an additional 10. Planning to keep them in the refrigerator in hopes they last longer. I'm sure that Zeke and Jake will be drooling for more. Thanks for posting. :)

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teresas October 09, 2010

The girls LOVE these. They were in full mooch mode before I even finished stirring them. I don't know how they knew the cookies were for them, but they did. Easy to make with common ingredients.<br/><br/>Thanks for sharing!

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kristyc3 August 29, 2013

I definitely have to give these cookies 5 stars. I opened up the oven door and had two black noses I had to shoo back so they wouldn't get burned. Bella almost got a hold of one before I even got them out of the oven! Nico managed to stay still long enough to get a photo, but believe me when I say, that cookie was gone just a split second after the photo! A little hint while making these- use a whisk to incorporate the peanut butter and milk. Made for my PAC Baby 2010!

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cookiedog April 03, 2010

I have four dogs, two large breed and two miniature's (about 14 lbs each) so buying "cookies" in our house can get quite expensive since we can't just buy one big box, b/c they can't all have the same size. Oi vey! That is why I love this recipe, I can make them big or small depending on the dogs size and they are sooo inexpensive! Not to mention my dogs love them!!! My 70lb male boxer (who is a huge momma's boy, with --normally-- the best manners EVER!) nearly had a fit and almost knocked me over trying to get one of these! The first thing I have ever really seen break his composure! Thanks for posting Andi! This is a real lifesaver! And a real TREAT! :)

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~SarahBeth~ October 20, 2009

Thanks for a great recipe ! my black lab mix loves them!

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CookingBaking Girl March 22, 2009

Like NELady, I'm not sure how to review a dog treat. :) These were easy to make and my dog enjoyed them, so I guess they are 5 stars! I was baking them along with a "people" peanut butter treat - Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies - so I baked them at 350. I decided to still only bake for 14 minutes because I used a rather small cookie-cutter, and they turned out fine. I am going to put half of them in the freezer because my pup can't eat all of them within a week.

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appleydapply March 09, 2009

This is a great recipe and easy too. I made my own peanut butter because of the recall. Instead of rolling out the dough, I dropped by small teaspoonfuls on a cookie sheet and then flattened them with a glass dunked in a little confectioners sugar. Baked them for 14 minutes. My dogs love them and believe me, they are extremely fussy when it comes to treats! Nanci

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Nanci A. February 23, 2009

Pretty hard to write up a review for a dog cookie, but I'll do my best :). These were VERY easy to put together - instead of rolling and cutting out, I made into thin, round, cookie shapes (saved a lot of time and my dogs are used to having round cookies). I baked for 14 minutes and they came out perfect... After they cooled, I gave one to each of my dogs - Tucker & Snaggles - and they really seemed to enjoy them. Of course, they like just about everything, so I don't know if they're the greatest tasting dog treats out there, but they were simple, inexpensive, and the dogs liked them! I will make these again. I followed the recipe EXACTLY, using 1% milk. Made for 1-2-3 Hits Tag Game, 1/20/09 - NELady.

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NELady January 20, 2009
Peanut Butter Puppy Cookies