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VERY VERY YUMMY!! And rich too! lol They are so adorable too...and come to think of it , you could use these at anytime of the year. Christmas, do stars, or a christmas tree. Valentines Day hearts. At Easter make eggs. The possibilities are endless! Thanks Sue!!!

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~*Miss Diggy*~ September 20, 2002

These are so good and so cute! Very easy to make and fun doing it. From young to old loved them. I used a tube of green icing to make the leaves and a tube of chocolate icing to make little stems on top. I never got a chance to put them on a plate with the coconut or refridgerate them. I was almost finished making them when everyone walked in and they are almost all gone. Great for any fall occasion, Halloween, Thanksgiving, class parties or just a great taste treat. I can't wait to make more and in different shapes and colors for other events and holidays. Super recipe, thanks for posting.

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Terrilynn September 23, 2002

Fun recipe. We made these into hearts for Valentine's Day - the red food coloring didn't work very well - I would've had to use a lot to make the hearts red. I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips and 'iced' the hearts with it. These were a big hit at a winter retreat!

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Musical Joy March 13, 2003

Instead of the frosting, I just put a single chocolate chip on top as the stem. You can never go wrong with a chocolate/peanut butter combo! Also, you can use the same recipe (minus the food coloring) and dip the balls into melted milk chocolate. Dip all but a small area on the top to make "Buckeyes" =)

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npwilson05 October 31, 2010

These were SO easy!! I was a little afraid to try to make them, but they came out PERFECT! I used all but maybe 3/4 cup of the powdered sugar. They were a huge hit at our bake sale! I think it's important to know to use the side of the toothpick and not the actual tip to make the ridges...it took me a few tries to figure this out lol But the great thing is if you mess up you can just re roll and start that one over :) Thanks for this adorable recipe! Oh, with one recipe I got close to 30 pumpkins...I guess mine were smaller but they were golf ball sized!

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Ashley S. October 29, 2009

these were good but hard to make!i couldn't get all of the sugar to mix in- and my arm hurts from all the stirring! i even employed my kitchenaid mixer, but even it had a hard time. i doubled the recipe, and only got about 24 oz of sugar into it, and that was even after adding some water to the mix. they were a huge hit at a halloween party i went to. i will probably make them again, but maybe i'll wait till my husband is home so he can help me stir! :) **update** i made this recipe again. this time, i only added as much sugar as i thought would work for me. i rolled the "dough" into balls, froze them, and then dipped them into melted white, milk, and dark chocolate. DELISH!

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Melanie2590 July 23, 2009

Super easy to make and tastety as well. I had a hard time getting the proper orange for pumpkins, instead I got a poopy orange. The poopy orange worked really well for making poop for the Kitty Litter Cake my daughter made for her Halloween party. Everyone comented on how it really looked like poop and how tastety the poop was. I had only made a half of recipe so I didn't have that much left. With the rest I used white frosting and made some into mummies, I also used red frosting with one M&M in the middle to look like a bloody eye eyeball. The poop really worked the best. It is a very versitle recipe as others have written you could use for a lot of different holidays by making different shapes and colors. Thanks for sharing.

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Lighthouse Rita October 27, 2012

These were a Huge hit for Thanksgiving. I didn't use quite the whole bag of powdered sugar because it was getting hard to mix. Had to use a lot of food coloring to get a good orange color. I made them bite size so you can just pop them in your mouth. I got 54 balls out of the 1 recipe! Instead of using a toothpick to make ridges I used the back of my thinnest knife & sort of rocked it from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom making several ridges all around the pumpkin. I'm trying to come up with some way to use this recipe for christmas. Maybe just making snowballs rolled in powdered sugar. Any suggestions??

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heathersr1 November 30, 2011

My son was sick today so no Preschool for him and his sister. But today was the Halloween party and they were sad. So I decided we'd have our own party today. I quickly looked up easy recipes to make. I found this one. I had limited ingredients and limited time, and had to cut the recipe into a third. Well, that little batch made a dozen sweet little pumpkins and two extremely happy kids! These taste like buckeyes without the chocolate coating. So delicious and easy to make, and plated on green tinted coconut made it extra special! Thank you!!

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Schaeffmama October 30, 2010

These were very good and easy to make! However, I used less powdered sugar (13 oz.) and decided to add in 6 finely crushed graham crackers to give a little more texture and crunch. Next time I may finely crush peanuts and add them for crunch instead, or just add more graham crackers. They're tasty for sure, though!

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Erin Anneliese November 02, 2009
Peanut Butter Pumpkins