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PLEASE PLEASE ask parents if their children have food allergies before doing any food craft or art. My son has a deadly peanut (and dairy, egg, chocolate and kiwi)allergy. Just being in the same room as this stuff could send him into anaphylactic shock and kill him within minutes. Painting with pudding is another dangerous one for kids with food allergies. It is estimated that one in eighty kids now has a peanut allergy and it's becoming more and more common (nobody knows why yet). Kids under four years of age aren't even supposed to be EATING peanut butter yet because it's so allergenic. We found out the hard way when my son grabbed my husband's sandwich and got peanut butter on his fingers. He broke out in hives and started wheezing. Thank goodness he didn't get a bite. Please be very careful when doing this project.

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Amanda Proctor July 24, 2003

This didn't turn out very smooth - the powdered milk just didn't mix in well. The texture made it hard to work with and after a couple of days it crumbled. We did have a fun morning playing with it and I appreciated being able to use this recipe when I was out of flour to make regular play dough. We didn't try eating it.

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4Susan March 10, 2007

Our older girls made this for the preschooler who spent much of yesterday morning playing with it on a piece of parchment paper. Of course , by the time she was done playing it wasn't too appetizing and so ended up being wasted somewhat. But it was fun while it lasted. ;o)

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winkki November 22, 2005

This mixture is so yummy; I confess to making a quarter of the recipe just now as a snack- I don't have any children yet to play with play-dough! Seriously, we discovered an identical recipe several years ago when my sisters and I were small. We played with it, but usually only once or twice before eating the 'dough'! Marvelous texture, and a great way to get protein and fiber into children. I made it with part peanut butter and part almond butter, which is healthier.

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J-Lynn June 28, 2005

Fabulous recipe! I am home with sick kids (1 who is sick and 1 who has been exposed so can't go anywhere!) and this was suggested as a fun thing to do with them. It was great. My 3 year old rolled it out, cut it with cookie cutters, and then ate it!

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ladypit June 03, 2005

Neat! Thanks for sharing. This is 1 thing to keep in mind though: "If you decide to play with the clay before eating it, be sure to use wax paper or 1 of those cute little placemats to cover your playing surface." I'll be sure to pass this recipe along to my friends that have little 1's that would enjoy this crafty, edible recipe. Marla

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Marla Ball September 26, 2004

This has always been a success at my place. I've made this for the tiny tots and they seem to love it. Thanks for getting happy memories back to my mind:)

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 25, 2004
Peanut Butter Play Dough