Peanut Butter N Apple Cookies

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Total Time
10 mins
11 mins

I received this in an email from a friend.

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  1. Prehet oven to 350 degrees f.
  2. lightly grease cookie sheet.
  3. beat margarine, sugars, and peanut butter until creamy.
  4. add egg and vanilla ; beat well.
  5. combine flour, cinnamon and baking soda.
  6. add to margarine mixture; mix well.
  7. stir in cereal.
  8. using 1 level tablespoon, shape dough into 1 inch balls.
  9. place 2 in apart on prepared cookie sheet.
  10. flatten slightly.
  11. bake 9-11 min or until lightly browned.
  12. let stand 1 min before removing to racks to cool.