Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is delicious and addictive. It was given to me by my friend Lainey.

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  1. Mix all ingredients together until well blended.
  2. The neatest way to do it is to pour the 1/2 cup oil into a large glass measuring cup (2 cup size or larger), add peanut butter to the oil until the total comes out to 1 cup.
  3. I continue adding vinegar, soy sauce& lemon juice to the measuring cup in this manner.
  4. I pour it all out into a small mixing bowl to add the seasonings.
  5. This way the peanut butter pours out w/the oil instead of making a mess in the measuring cup.
  6. I use jarred garlic& ginger- this accounts for the 5 minutes prep time.
  7. I mainly use this for tofu chunks or chicken- marinate at least one hour or overnight.
  8. If using chicken'tenders' set aside some of the marinade (before adding the rest of it to chicken) to use as a dipping sauce.
Most Helpful

Thanks so much, JaneRI! I've always loved this dish and had lost the recipe. The marinade is also great tossed with any pasta, chilled, and used as a cold summer salad or side dish. Great for BBQs! Thanks again. I'll be fixing this all summer!

LisaGay April 02, 2003

We tried this Peanut Butter Sauce with Pork and it turned out wonderfully. It is both healthy and full of flavor. Thank you for sharing it.

Nichole Beaver May 31, 2009