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I love this recipe because of the fudge layer AND the increase of peanut butter. The other pies I have tried taste more like cheesecake with a hint of peanut. This pie TOTALLY stands alone!!! Oh and I used an oreo crust as well due to my chocolate addiction!!! Thanks so much for this recipe!! I am actually making another pie now to share with my church family tomorrow!!!

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Noelle82 September 10, 2011

This is wonderful! I made my own hot fudge - Kahlua Fudge Sauce - and used light cream cheese, fat free cool whip, and skim milk - but you'd never know! Very rich! I also used an oreo crust instead of graham cracker. Drizzled with a little extra fudge sauce when serving. Thanks so much for sharing!

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flower7 April 24, 2010

Five stars! Easy to make, and very delicious! Made it for Memorial Day. Family loved it. I could only eat a small piece due to the fact that it is very rich. Will make again. Used store bought hot fudge (warm it in the microwave for 15-30 sec to easily spread in crust).

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ilovemyfamily! May 28, 2012

Oh wow!! I made this pie for Memorial Day weekend... and let me just say it's a good thing I made 2, because 1 definitely would not have made it to this weekend! The first pie didn't even make it til suppertime before everyone dug into it! I used flower7's Kahlua fudge sauce, too (it looked too irresistible to not try it), and instead of spreading the remaining Cool Whip on top of the pie, I made my own whipped cream with the remaining of my Kahlua and heavy cream-- yummy!!! Thanks!

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Cheeky Panda May 27, 2010

omg...this pie is 2 die 4:)...yum-o.......dh loved this & he doesnt eat sweets......company wanted the only piece that was left 2 take home......the only thing i did different was i didnt have the fudge so i squirted hersheys syrup over the bottom(next time i'll use the fudge)..and i used the large whipped topping 1/2 in the pie and 1/2 on the top...topped with broken up pb cups.....and this is going to be my summer pie, all smmer long.....thanks for a great recipe (and so easYp.s. oh yeah and i used a oreo crust (the pre made ones)

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fritzy April 27, 2010

What a great recipe! I used a prepared chocolate crust (had it in the freezer) and regular sugar because I didn't have any powdered. Used half the Cool Whip in the pie mixture. I had a tub of Philly Indulgence Milk Chocolate so I mixed the remainder of Cool Whip with that and topped the pie. Drizzled with hot fudge. WOW! Pie was mile high, very decadent. Went very fast. Thank you MahnaMahna! This recipe will be made often, it's wonderful! Thanks, Nina<br/>P.S. This is a very economical recipe, I made it with ingredients I had on hand. Thanks again. I have to edit this. I guess you can't get Philly Indulgence anymore. They've renamed it Snack Delights, so I bought all the packs my store had left just in case they discontinued this great product. Once again, more than a 5 star recipe. Took 2 pies to work -- Gone, lol! Thanks again!

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nina22541 August 04, 2013
Peanut Butter Fudge Pie