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Great Fudge! I wanted a recipe that didn't use marshmellow and this one is wonderful! Thank you for posting.

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Alice Robertson Clark December 18, 2010

I was estatic to see an Emeril recipe that had simple ingredients (and everything I keep on hand)because a lot of his recipes look great but use exotic/expensive ingredients. I was even happier to see how easy the recipe is to make (no complicated steps). You don't even really need a thermometer, if you know how to test the soft ball stage in ice cold water (I've done this a bunch of times when my thermometer went missing). The fudge set up quickly in the fridge and was definitely smooth and creamy! I personally did not find the fudge to have a very strong peanut butter flavor though which I prefer. So I decided to experiement by heating the fudge to 238-240 (this is still a soft ball stage, just the higher side of it)AND used 9 TBS of peanut butter (which is 1/2 cup plus one extra TBS).I figured if I just added the extra peanut butter it might not set. This made the most wonderful peanut butter flavored fudge! It was a bit softer than the original recipe but we like a soft fudge around here so it was a sure winner. The only downside of this recipe is it doesn't make very much and with a house full of people it usually doesn't last through the day! That is a good thing though right? :)

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6 pack mama February 12, 2007

I have made this fudge for at least 3 years since I saw Emeril do it. It is by far the creamiest and best tasting and one of the easiest. One of my standbys when I need a sweet peanut butter fix and btw it does keep longer than 1 week, just keep it in the refrigerator, if you can keep from eating it that long. Thanks for posting chelgilm!

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LAURIE August 03, 2006
Peanut Butter Fudge