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Tried these over Christmas....pressed the dough into a shortbread mould and baked for about 15 minutes. Worked very well. It popped straight out of the mould and was not the least bit crumbly. A terrific recipe! Will definitely make use of this low cal, low sugar treat again and again! Thanks!

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Northern_Reflectionz December 30, 2005

Whether you are diabetic or not, these little cookies are just delightful. I made these as a holiday treat for a diabetic co-worker and am quite certain he will love them. Have to say I was a little surprised by the addition of the orange zest, but it worked quite well in this cookie. The texture was also quite appealing sort of like a peanut butter shortbread. These are a bit crumbly while warm so if presentation is important, then make sure you let them fully cool before moving. I let mine cool on the sheet for 5 minutes, then on a rack for another 15. Thanks for a terrific recipe!

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justcallmetoni December 19, 2005
Peanut Butter Fingers (Diabetic)