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This recipe is fantastic. I was hungry so on lunchbreak went to store and bought ingredients plus banana to add and it was delicious. I tried one half with banana and one half without and both were great. I also used crunch peanut butter with only a little touch of the honey. Skipped the topping. Definite try for any one.

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Psalm AKA Typo Qween July 18, 2008

These are wonderful! They didn't really remind me so much of peanut butter cup candies, but that didn't make them any less yummy! I unfortunately realized I was out of chocolate chips before making these but lucky for me I had bought a bag of dark chocolate melt-aways a few days ago so just chopped a few of those up to go on them. I actually prefer dark chocolate anyway. My husband said the honey was the dominating flavor but I may have been a bit too generous on just his lol. I especially loved the cold taste/feel of the cool whip mixed in with the melty warm chocolate and peanut butter! Definately simple and even better it uses things you might already have laying around the kitchen for a quick dessert! Oh yeah and definately as you mentioned... MESSY! lol

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CulinaryExplorer April 19, 2008

These are definitely decadent. I didn't think I would like the whipped topping with them, but it really worked. I took others' suggestion and added banana to some of them - that was even better. I skipped the honey and used about a fourth the chocolate chips. I toasted them an extra minute after I put the chips on, so they would melt.

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Maito February 16, 2011

WOW, decadence for breakfast...And you say it's good for you! I know that it was good [i]to[/i] me! YUM! I used semi-sweet morsels, as I had them on hand. And who needs whipped topping? Wonderful; I will put this on my 'nothing in the house' for breakfast menu! Made for Best of 2010 Tag Game. Thanks so much for sharing, queenofeats!

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alligirl February 09, 2011

So tasty! I skipped the topping and used dark chocolate. Delicious way to enjoy an English muffin. Will be trying again with banana as suggested by another reviewer. Thanks so much for posting!

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flower7 January 05, 2010
Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich