Peanut Butter Cookies

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READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by internetnut

My 7 yr old niece and I made these cookies. I got this recipe from a children's book The Cookie Book. When we made these cookies we used Splenda for baking and Splenda brown sugar. We also used butter flavored crisco. My family thought these were so good. We forgot to put the crisscross marks on the cookies and they still turned out great. We found for best results to let the cookies completely cool on the cookie sheet before removing or they crumbled.

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  1. Set oven to 350.
  2. Grease cookie sheets.
  3. Get a large mixing bowl. Measure the shortening and put in the bowl. Then measure the peanut butter and put it in with shortening. Whip them together with a mixing spoon. Whip them until they are blended together.
  4. Measure the granulated sugar and pour it on the peanut butter mixture. Pack the brown sugar into a measuring cup and then dump it on the granulated sugar.
  5. Cream the sugars and the peanut butter mixture together.
  6. Now get a cup. Break the egg into the cup and then add it to your mixture.
  7. Measure the vanilla and pour it inches Start to stir slowly. Then stir hard and fast until you have a smooth batter. Set the mixing bowl aside.
  8. Measure the flour, the salt, and the baking soda into a sifter. Sift them into a bowl.
  9. Add the sifted ingredients to the peanut butter batter. Stir slowly. Stir as hard as you can. You will have a stiff, light brown cookie batter.
  10. Shape and bake the cookies: use an "eating" teaspoon. For each cookie, scoop out a spoonful of batter and push the batter off onto the cookie sheet. Leave a lot of room around each cookie.
  11. Before you put the cookies into the oven, mark them with the back of a fork. To do this put some flour on a plate. Dip the fork into the flour. Then press down on a cookie with the back of the fork. Make crisscross marks all over the cookie. Dip the fork again and mark the next cookie. Mark all the cookies this way, and then put them into the hot oven.
  12. Let the cookies bake for 10 minutes. (Get another batch ready if you have another cookie sheet.).
  13. Use a spatula to lift them off the cookie sheet and put them on a wire rack.
  14. Let the cookies cool for a couple of minutes.

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