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Awesome Peanut Butter Cookies! Saw this one on the boards - any recipe that has been around for fifty years is my kind of recipe - love those golden oldies. With the previous reviewers results I did keep back 1/2 cup of flour which was sifted before measuring and I did need the three cups. Creaming well, sifting the flour before measuring and using well beaten eggs had a lovely soft dough which made for great tasting cookies looking like they had come from a high end bakery. Presifting the flour before measuring and well beaten eggs may be the answer. Made mine larger which had me baking for 12 minutes. I rarely eat cookies -have to admit these made for eating more then one! I thank you and the teenager and his brother thank you. A keeper for sure!

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Gerry October 27, 2008

I had a little trouble with these. My dough was rather dry and was hard to form into the little balls. They kept falling apart and crumbling. If I had been a more experienced baker, maybe I would have known what or how to make them come out a bit moister. The flavor seemed to be there, but I just couldn't get the consistency quite right. Thanks Dolores - I might try them again when I get past my (long lasting) dough phobia. Made for PAC Fall 2008.

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lazyme October 09, 2008
Peanut Butter Cookies