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These are fantastic! They are the closest thing I have ever had to reeses peanut butter cups. They would have gotten the full 5 stars but we felt they were maybe a bit too generous in the sugar, and butter measurements. I think that if you cut back a bit on each it would still result in a great tasting little treat, and even save some guilt making them less calories. We could sorta taste the grittyness of the sugar and they were very rich. I did actually only use about 3 cups of confectioner's sugar because it was making a huge mess and I didn't want to open another bag after putting in the 3 cups thinking that it already looked like an awful lot of sugar anyway. I opted for some godiva bittersweet chocolate for the top. FANTASTIC! Coming in at over 7600 calories a batch this is not something you want to make for having around the house because though they are quite rich and filling it would be all too easy to eat them all up!

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CulinaryExplorer March 02, 2008

Holy moleys!!! These are waaaay too good for KIDS! :rofl: I took these to Bible class tonight, and they were ALL gone before the end of the evening. A bit sweet--I cut them in very small BITES, only wish I'd've brought along a gallon of milk--!!! One suggestion...what exactly do you mean by 5/8 cup butter? That seems like an odd measurement. Here's what I did: I figured you might've meant 5 T. butter (as figuring out 5/8 of a real cup of butter was too much for my widdle brain to figger out)...considering that there are 8 T in a stick of butter. Seemed like 5/8 Cup would be something like just over 1 1/2 STICKS of butter, and that seemed like WAAAAy too much butter. So I hope that was what you meant. Also, I would list the chocolate chips (in the ingredient list) as the FIRST one since that is the first one in the list of directions. Just a bit confusing is all. Otherwise this is a PERFECT and EASY recipe---which is why I gave it five-stars---oh and the taste is wonderful, too! *PAC Fall 07*

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Debber September 11, 2007

Tasty and very rich. My husband and brother-in-law had an idea to add a layer of chocolate to the bottom, so we gave it a try and it turned out tasty. Thanks for this great dessert recipe.

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Bittersweetened February 20, 2010

My two boys loved it, well that doesn't say much those two will eat anything with chocolate on it. However if you are in a mood for a nice, easy sweet treat this is perfect. Following somebody else's comment I've cut a little on the sugar. Thank you for the recipe :)

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Marina No Ar June 08, 2014
Peanut Butter Bites