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If I could I would give this at least ten stars! My birds love it! At first I was disappointed in this recipe because of how often I need to add a new suet block! Just kidding, because the cost is so much less! My birds love it! I have woodpeckers large and small, cat birds, nut hatchers and blue jays enjoying this suet! I did a experiment of a store bought and this homemade suet and the birds chose this one! I am change suet blocks every other day now! Oh yeah, now I am getting Baltimore Orioles enjoying the feast! Thanks so much for this recipe, do you have any others ; )

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RecipeNut June 23, 2008

The only reason I have this one less star is because of the suet. It isn't necessary in my opinion! This works great with just the lard. And if you are missing some of the ingredients, it works out fine too as long as you DO have the birdseed and peanut butter to go with the lard. I routinely make this with just the lard, pb, seed and cornmeal and the birds still LOVE it. I agree that they do like it better than store bought blocks. I have a store bought block out right now that they only bother with when I have run out of home made!

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TheFlutterby February 22, 2008

I like this recipe because it uses both lard and suet, and exact amounts can be rough guesses. I follow this basic recipe, but usually end up with six blocks. Birdies everywhere thank you, Northern Reflectionz.

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ladyfingers February 13, 2008

This is the same recipe we use for suet at home and the birds simply love it. As you say it's far cheaper than store bought and it seems as if the birds like it better. Thanks

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Bluenoser February 06, 2008
Peanut Butter Bird Suet