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I used peanut wonder PB (100 cals and 2.5g fat per 2 tbsp! www.peanutwonder.com or Trader Joe's has them), sugar-free maple syrup, splenda, and 3 cups Fiber One. I calculated with my subs, 1/12 of the recipe is 65 calories (word of warning: you can't stop at just one). This freezes well and came out crumbly, but OH MY GOODNESS - PB HEAVEN! All you need is a chocolate coating and you can die happy! The maple and PB marry well. Just microwaving the mixture and smelling the aroma made my stomach growl! Next time, I'll use All-Bran because it's thinner than Fiber One and absorbs liquid, so it will be easier to handle. I'm sure crisp rice cereal would be good. Those would be some rice krispie treats! Healthier than the marshmallow/butter combo anyway! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Mmmmmmmmm.....::drool::

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nomnom July 28, 2003
Peanut Butter Bars