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well these are really really good...not exactly what I thought they would be(thought they would be more like a frosted rice krispy treat and they are NOT) followed your ingredients and instructions to a T... only thing I did was have everything all measured ahead of time so it was easy just dump & go... the "icing "is VERY awsome and a nice addition ..one I would not thought of and I can see its use on a cake I was a little worried that they were too soft...but they sat up very nicely after they cooled they are really really rich..in a good way.. I did one mistake..I put them in my glass 9x13 glass dish..don't know where my head was at on that one as you state very plainly jelly roll pan...which might be why it took a little longer for them to firm up...and why the "icing" is a little thicker than it would be if I would of used the jelly roll pan... but they sure come together very easy and hardly any ingredients.. I see these as a addition on my christmas cookie tray.. TRY these..you'll be pleasently surprised at how easy and good they are....

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gruntlady November 20, 2007
Peanut Butter Bars