Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This makes a great, nutritious breakfast drink with a nice "peanutty" flavour. It's a great way to get your fruits AND your protein first thing in the morning!

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  1. Puree the frozen banana in a blender, processing for about 30 seconds.
  2. Add the peanut butter, process again.
  3. Now add the ice cubes, and process until some of them are crushed.
  4. Finally, add the milk, process until smooth and pour into a tall glass to drink.
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Anu!!!!! This is absolutely yummy! I enjoyed it, really you know what, you are a genius!! I really admire you for the wonderful recipes you post and especialy, lately, I've been making your smoothies and sandwiches, delicious! Absolutely delightful recipes you got!! This was a really good smoothie, and considering the summer months to come in which I'm going to be making this time and again, I wish I could bring the whole sky down for you:) 5 stars are just too less for this one. Thank You, Anu! You have made my day!!

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Anu, this one is a winner! I first made it last Friday, and it was really good. This morning a light bulb went off over my head, and instead of my plain soy milk I used chocolate-flavored soy milk. The peanut butter/chocolate/banana combination is out of this world! This is going to become a habit, thanks!

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I made this today and if you like things with bananas, this is for you! I was glad that this was not a drink that only filled the glass halfway-it filled it almost to the top! I love being able to call that much "1 serving"! Also, I didn't mix mine as much, so it was like a malt-type texture- really good- and very filling. Next time I think that I am going to add a little more peanut butter and maybe even some chocolate flavor...or vanilla...or some strawberries! The possibilities are endless!