Peanut Butter and Banana Burrito

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I know, I's weird! But it's delicious! A great quick breakfast, lunch or snack!!!


  1. Heat tortilla over open flame of burner, till heated thru and pliable, turning once.
  2. Quickly spread peanut butter over 1/2 of tortilla, and top with banana slices.
  3. Fold in ends or tortilla, and then roll up!
  4. Enjoy!
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My kids LOVE this. For breakfast follow the recipe but do use whole wheat tortillas. For desert add honey, chocolate, caramel...strawberries are also a great can't go wrong.

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I agree with farmchick, this is great with whole wheat tortillas - or, toasted whole wheat bread, spread with the peanut butter (or nut cream), and with a whole soft ripe banana cut in half and pressed down some to cover the toast. As an extra, you can top with raisins or dates.

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I made this tonight for a late night snack. I accidentally used a whole banana; and I didn't have very good quality tortillas to work with. But it was good anyway. It's something I will definitely keep around and try again with less banana and better tortillas next time. Thanks!