Peanut, Bacon and Avocado Sandwich

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Creamy avocado, nutty crunchy peanut butter & crispy salty bacon all on bakery fresh bread. A dream sandwich! Originally posted on the BBC food board.


  1. Spread the peanut butter on four slices of bread and mayonnaise on the other four. (You may want to use more peanut butter, your preference).
  2. Place the bacon, avocado, lettuce and pepper on the peanut butter spread slices and top with the mayonnaise spread slices. Slice in half and enjoy!
Most Helpful

This sandwich might not be for everyone but I absolutely loved it! I often combine peanut butter and bacon to make toasted sandwiches but the addition of the buttery avocado put it over the top! Step out of your comfort zone and give this a try. It's fantastic! Thanks for sharing, BerrySweet!

rickoholic83 May 04, 2007