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i like messing with falvoured vodkas, the most accessible for me are the absolut lot, i hate pears so you wont see any pear ones by me, my faves are vanilla, raspberry and vanilla, they are not sweet at all just infused with a tons of fruity flavour. i can remember going on revolution new season cocktail training when i worked there. we were all using absolut flavours, includng daft ones like cucumber flavour! for our summer collection. i got hammered as did everyone at the training, we used to do vodka masterclases as well. that summer i spent some time as a vodka nurse, walking around the bar selling shots in a pvc nurses outfit. it was very hot work.. anyways enough reminiscing since those crazy crazy times i still love vodka and feel it has a place in my heart and freezer.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 50 ml peach vodka
  • 150 ml orange juice
  • 150 ml cream soda


  1. half fill a 14oz tumbler with ice add vodka and organge jucie, shake using a boston shaker.
  2. tap on surface to release the glass from shaker, tip contents back into glass, top up with cream soda.

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